Knotts Memorial's Mission statement is to share our common

belief in our Lord and Savior with everyone, through education,

worship and outreach as Disciples of Christ  



  Every Saturday at 6:00pm

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                  930am   Friends & Fellowship

                  10am      Morning Worship

                  11am      Sunday School

Sunday (1st, 3rd & 5th)

                    7pm       Praise Service

Sunday (2nd & 4th)

                     7pm      Service with



                    7pm       Bible Study

Wednesday (Last)

                   530pm   KFC-Dinner


                     6pm       Women's Group

                    730pm  Men's Fellowship

Thursday(1st & 3rd)
                     4pm       Bramblewood
                                           Bingo & Devotion

Be effective and efficient by using your God given Gifts.

Daily Bible Principles

Our Bible Principles are a great way to start each day. Bible Principles are provided by Merlyn Lahman. 

Pastor                    Ponders

Spiritual                  Gifts

We are not  just

another church

we are a FAMILY

OF God!