Pastor                    Ponders


                  930am   Friends & Fellowship

                  10am      Morning Worship

                  11am      Sunday School

Sunday (1st, 3rd & 5th)

                    7pm       Praise Service

Sunday (2nd & 4th)

                     7pm      Service with



                    7pm       Bible Study


                     6pm       Women's Group

                    730pm  Men's Fellowship

Thursday(1st & 3rd)
                     4pm       Bramblewood
                                           Bingo & Devotion


                     6pm        Teen Fellowship

Daily Bible Principles

  Knotts Memorial's Mission statement is to share our common

belief in our Lord and Savior with everyone, through education,

worship and outreach as Disciples of Christ  

Be effective and efficient by using your God given Gifts.

Spiritual                  Gifts

We are not  just

another church

we are a FAMILY

OF God!

Our Bible Principles are a great way to start each day. Bible Principles are provided by Merlyn Lahman.