Knotts Memorial's Mission statement is to share our common

belief in our Lord and Savior with everyone, through education,

worship and outreach as Disciples of Christ  


Knotts Memorial United Methodist Church has Sunday School for all ages on Sunday at 11am. This is open to everyone wanting to learn about Christ in depth. We have very knowledgeable and caring teachers taught at age appropriate levels.

Wednesday Night Bible Study is also open to everyone. All bible lessons are taught so that all ages can get something from this. We also are set up for young kids to go to the play room to play and learn in a christian environment, allowing adults to focus on the scriptures. Bible study is lead by Pastor Rick Metheney.

Women's Group is on Thursdays at 6pm. This is led by our very own, Jill Trippett. She does an amazing job at leading the women in weekly studies. This is a time that women can share in a gender friendly environment about their walk with Christ, as well as everyday struggles and joys. It can be helpful for one to share with a peer group that has common issues, concerns and joys. You can be sure that confidence will be kept when pertaining to personal details. This is to ensure that everyone has a chance to freely share and grow without worries of others spreading gossip. This is open to all in the community. You do not have to attend any other services at Knotts to be welcomed in. If you work on Sunday's this may be the perfect opportunity to spend in church.

Men's Group is on Thursdays at 730pm. Various men of the group rotate leading. This is a time men can share without hesitation, as all personal information is to be confidential. Men have a stigma of not talking about their lives, and this provides the opportunity to do so  allowing for spiritual growth. The lessons focus on growth as men, to be better fathers, husbands, church members &  leaders, and community members & leaders. This is open to all in the community. You do not have to attend any other services at Knotts to be welcomed to the round table! If you work on Sundays this may be the perfect time to be in the Lords house!

             Sunday School                               Wednesday Night Bible Study                               Women's Group-Thursday                               Men's Group-Thursday

                       11 am                                                                       7pm                                                                                6pm                                                                          730pm